Hot stamping

Hot stamping

To give the products elegance, refinement and class

In the fashion world, personalised tissue paper can complete your image.
Thanks to special finishes and treatments, it gives your products a refined, exclusive look that distinguishes and highlights their style.

UV and HOT FOIL printing:

Offers elegance and exclusivity

Even on tissue paper for clothing, different technologies allow us to create bright points of light that add refined elegance and unique exclusivity to products.

The class of UV printing with HOT stamping

We specialise in the production of normal flexo prints, UV printing plus HOT FOIL printing in rolls and shapes.
This special treatment allows us to transmit a refined image thanks to the creation of brilliant, shiny and exclusive effects on the surfaces of the paper you wrap your products in.

Our services

Our company acts as a single reference point for a wide range of services:

    • technical and specialist consultancy
    • study and customisation of graphics
    • printing sketches/tests
    • magro designs and produces sets of flex digital plates
    • flexographic printing with up to 8 colours on various media
    • printing with wax/paraffin treatments
    • UV printing
    • HOT FOIL printing in rolls (starting at 16 g.)
    • delivery of all media in specific formats or rolls
    • custom layouts

Why choose UV printing with HOT STAMPING

Thanks to specific, special machinery, we can create shiny and exclusive effects on paper through UV printing plus HOT STAMPING technique. This process allows us to add refined, unique points of light to your graphics, thereby increasing the quality of your wrapped products, in addition to giving them a particular elegance and distinction

UV printing with HOT stamping:

Offers elegance and distinction. Different technologies allow us to create, even on tissue paper for clothing, bright points of light that add a refined elegance and class to your products.

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