What is tissue paper?

All You Need to Know About Tissue Paper

From its invention in the 2nd century BC in China to the present day, tissue paper has evolved over time to become essential for many industries.

Thanks to its extreme flexibility and softness, it can be used to protect valuable and fragile items or to create a luxurious effect for packaging and wrapping.

Think about when you unwrap a bottle of wine or open a box of luxury clothing, tissue paper is the first thing you see and touch. But how much do you really know about this type of paper?

For example, did you know that it is the lightest paper on the market? Its grammage, which is the ratio of paper weight to its surface area, ranges between 18 and 50 g/m², while its thickness varies from 10 to 35 g/m². In other words, it is so thin that it is slightly transparent.

Here’s how this level of delicacy is achieved.

Tissue paper is made from the processing of cellulose pulp obtained from wood fiber. While it is still wet, the pulp is rolled onto a specialized machine until it reaches the desired thickness.

The pulp is then dried with the help of steam, and afterward, it is transferred onto large cylinders to be cut to size.

Alternatively, tissue paper can also be made from recycled materials, such as old newspapers or scrap paper.

Main Uses of Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is frequently used to wrap and protect items with unique shapes. Due to its soft and pleasant texture to the touch, it is perfect for adding extra value to luxury items.

For example, it is used in the fashion industry to wrap delicate clothing items. Like a second elegant garment, tissue paper is used to protect and enhance the beauty of clothes inside the box. Alternatively, it can be used in the wine industry to create secure packaging: this ensures that the bottles arrive at their destination in perfect condition, avoiding potential damage.

Advantages of Our Tissue Paper

As we’ve seen, the versatility and softness of tissue paper make it particularly suitable for manipulation and folding to your liking.

The F.lli Magro tissue paper also has the great advantage of being customizable. In our laboratories, we print tissue paper with colors, finishes, and textures according to the customer’s request. This way, the paper becomes an elegant and refined choice for wrapping and enhancing a product with your brand logo.

All our tissue papers are derived from FSC-certified paper mills (Forest Stewardship Council) that certify the origin of wood from controlled forests. Furthermore, it contains no chlorine or acids, making it ideal for protecting particularly delicate objects.

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