Tissue paper for clothing and footwear

Tissue paper for clothing and footwear: why it is important to customise packaging

When you open the packaging used for high fashion clothing, you have anexperience brimming with emotions and expectations. Everything reflects the luxury and exclusivity of the brand and reminds those opening the packaging of the commitment and passion underpinning the creation of each individual product.

In addition, customised packaging helps to increase the brand’s recognisability and prestige. Given this, it is important to consider every single aspect of the packaging design, starting with the tissue paper.

Tissue paper for clothing and footwear: extra protection 

First of all, tissue paper is used in clothing and shoe packaging to keep the high quality of luxury items intact during shipping or transportation. For example, think of the packaging of a luxury brand shirt: the tissue paper is delicately wrapped around the garment in order to avoid creating unsightly creases.

Thanks to this extra level of protection, each product arrives in perfect condition, which is important for maintaining the brand’s reputation for quality and excellence.

An elegant first dress waiting to be discovered 

When shopping online, it can be difficult to tell whether a product will live up to your expectations. But when you open the packaging and touch the high quality of the product with your hand for the first time, then everything changes.

Gently removing the packaging, observing the logos printed on the tissue paper and feeling its texture, slowly revealing the product before your eyes: these are all small moments of unique emotion that add to a brand’s sense of refinement and luxury.

Customised tissue paper 

What makes tissue paper special is its endless possibilities for customisation. At F.lli Magro, we produce tissue paper with unique, elegant elements that embellish the product it surrounds and enhance its shapes.

After careful and detailed consultation, we print tissue paper with logos, textures and customised graphics. Depending on the customer’s needs, we have different types of printing available, such as flexographic printing, which allows you to use up to 8 colours, or the  UV method, which confers a sophisticated image with unusual light effects on the paper, or hot stamping, which gives the tissue paper elegant and refined reflections.

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