Designer packaging for wine bottles

How to create designer packaging for wine bottles

You can’t judge a book by its cover, it’s true. But when it comes to luxury items, such as bottles of wine, packaging also helps to create a high quality image.

A label with an unusual design or custom packaging helps a brand communicate its values more convincingly than stickers or generic boxes would.

According to research by ScienceDirect, the value of a product increases when it is presented with a curated design. For example, wine wrapped in elegant tissue paper will appear to be even more valuable in the eyes of consumers.

Customising your packaging is a winning idea that allows you to differentiate your product from the rest of the competition in the crowded wine market. What are the main elements to consider?

Labels: an element of distinction and style

In addition to communicating the fundamental information at the time of purchase, the label has a purely aesthetic value for most people.

When faced with a cellar with hundreds of bottles on display, people will be more intrigued by a label that is different from all the others. The design of the label must therefore be considered down to the smallest details, by studying the colours, images and ad hoc fonts to ensure maximum visual impact while respecting the image of the brand in question.

Packaging: protection and value

Whether it’s made of cardboard or wood, wine packaging also helps to strengthen the brand’s image and attract the gaze of potential customers within a wine shop’s shelves.

Depending on the type of wine, the packaging can be custom-made and feature logos, images and texts that communicate the history of the brand.

Customised tissue paper for bottles: an added value

Like labels and packaging, the tissue paper used to wrap wines can also be completely customised.

At F.lli Magro we make tissue paper for wine bottles featuring a print of the winemaker’s logo, texture and colours to create precise and highly elegant wrapping.

In addition to customising the product, the tissue paper protects the bottle from possible shocks and exposure to light, thus becoming an indispensable element for wine producers.

Find out more about our customised tissue paper

Find out more about our customised tissue paper