What packaging to choose for your products?

Practical Guide to Choosing the Perfect Paper for Your Brand

Are you looking for the ideal packaging for your brand? With so many options available on the market, it can be challenging to choose the one that best suits your needs.

In this article, we guide you in choosing the best paper to protect and enhance the value of your products!

Tissue Paper

Light, refined, and delicate: tissue paper is the ideal choice for wrapping the most fragile and precious objects. Thanks to its pleasant texture, it adds extra value to luxury items.

Recommended for: fashion brands (clothing and footwear) and wineries.

Glassine Paper

Transparent, glossy, and moisture-resistant: glassine paper is perfect for food use. Thanks to a special paraffin treatment, the paper forms a protective barrier against oils and fats.

Recommended for: confectionery companies and fruit growers.

Pelleaglio Paper

Durable, matte, and elegant: pelleaglio paper is particularly suitable for wrapping food items as it preserves the freshness of the enclosed food.

Recommended for: confectionery companies and ice cream shops.

Polycoated Paper and Polythene Paper

Practical, durable, and secure: polycoated paper and polythene paper are coated with an inner polyethylene film that provides a protective barrier for food and prevents oil leakage.

Recommended for: all food sectors and delicatessens.

Coated Paper or Uncoated Paper

Delicate, smooth, and pleasant to the touch: coated paper is polished on both sides, while uncoated paper is polished on one side. They are perfect for enhancing the value of various types of items.

Recommended for: luxury brands, jewelry stores, perfumeries, toy shops, and gift shops.

Metallic Paper

Waterproof, glossy, and sinuous: metallic paper, with its reflective qualities, enhances the preciousness of the product it wraps.

Recommended for: luxury brands, perfumeries, gift shops, confectioneries, wine shops, and delicatessens.

Paraffin Paper

Oiled, moisture-resistant, and waterproof: paraffin paper is treated on both sides with a layer of paraffin. This process makes it suitable for wrapping fresh foods without altering their flavor.

Recommended for: confectioneries, butchers, delicatessens, and fishmongers.

Kraft Paper

Moisture and tear-resistant, eco-friendly, and flexible: kraft paper is the ideal solution for creating bags and packaging, even for heavy products.

Recommended for: clothing brands, wine shops, gift shops.

Sealing Paper

Monolucid, resistant, and embossed with a millerighe cylinder: sealing paper, thanks to its creases, is one of the sturdiest papers on the market. It is particularly used for making paper bags.

Recommended for: ideal for packaging all types of products.

Straw Paper

Authentic, absorbent, and rough: straw paper is a type of paper made from 100% recycled materials with a distinctive rustic appearance, ideal for creating placemats and artisanal packaging.

Recommended for: agritourism establishments, restaurants, and bookstores.

Plastic Coated Paper

Bright, soft, and resistant: plastic coated paper adds value to all products it wraps thanks to its special glossy or matte film.

Recommended for: perfumeries, high-end boutiques, bookstores, and stationery stores.

Any paper you want, with the customization you want

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