Four reasons to choose tissue paper for packaging

As they say, first impressions matter. This is why wrapping products in colorful or personalized packaging can truly make a difference at the moment of purchase. Tissue paper is that added value that provides an advantage over the competition—it’s what makes your product even more special and unique.

Besides conveying a high-quality image, tissue paper has many other advantages. In this article, we’ll present the four main reasons for choosing tissue paper in the packaging of your products.

1. It protects your products

Due to its softness, tissue paper is the ideal solution for packaging particularly fragile items. For example, it can be used to protect jewelry or other precious items from dust and dirt or to create secure packaging for wine bottles or perfumes. Additionally, some tissue papers, like those from F.lli Magro, are made without the use of acids or chlorine, preventing oxidation and scratching of valuable objects.

2. It’s easy to transport and fold

Among the various types of packaging paper, tissue paper is the thinnest and lightest, which means lighter packaging, lower shipping costs and easier transportation. Tissue paper is also an extremely “malleable” paper—it’s easy to fold and can wrap any object, even those with unique shapes.

3. It’s environmentally friendly

Environmental sustainability has become more and more important to consumers. This is why many brands are replacing their plastic packaging with greener materials like tissue paper.

F.lli Magro tissue paper is 100% eco-friendly because:

By using tissue paper, you’re helping to protect the environment while demonstrating your commitment to sustainability.

4. It’s customizable

Tissue paper can be customized in endless ways with logos, colors and tailored images that immediately communicate your company’s identity and values. In addition to increasing brand awareness and recognition, customized packaging provides the image of quality and uniqueness.

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