Packaging: A Powerful Marketing Tool

What is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about marketing? You’re probably thinking of an advertising campaign, an ad, or a TV commercial. What if we told you that the most powerful (and cost-effective) marketing tool is packaging?

Packaging is a key element in promoting a product and should not be underestimated; just look at the statistics provided by Dotcom Distribution!

  • 61% of people say they are much more likely to repeat purchase a luxury item if it is packaged beautifully, such as using luxury tissue paper for footwear or clothing.
  • 50% of buyers will recommend the product to friends and family if it arrives in uniquely designed packaging.
  • 40% of consumers will share a product photo on social media if it is wrapped in customized packaging.

Well-designed and branded packaging can make the difference between a product that gets noticed and one that gets ignored. But what are the reasons behind this success?

It’s the First Point of Contact with Customers

Packaging is the first point of contact with customers: it’s the first thing they see and touch. In other words, it creates the first impression and has the power to grab consumers’ attention.

For example, imagine a shelf full of wine bottles: a potential customer will be more attracted to packaging that stands out from the rest. When they pick up the bottle, they’ll feel the softness of the tissue paper and read the label with curiosity. Game over: with just one look, the customer is won over and convinced to make the purchase.

According to Packaging of the World, 70% of consumers base their first impression solely on a product’s packaging!

It Communicates Company Values

In addition to conveying essential information such as ingredients, tips, or useful warnings, packaging also represents an opportunity to communicate a company’s story and vision. Well-crafted packaging with custom colors, logos, and eye-catching designs can increase brand recognition and create a positive brand image.

Moreover, the materials used for packaging can also communicate a brand’s values, such as environmental sustainability. In fact, an increasing number of consumers prefer brands that respect the environment and opt for eco-friendly packaging like tissue paper over plastic.

It Builds Trust

Printed words, quality materials, and personalization. All these elements help consumers:

  • Make an informed decision
  • Gain a better understanding of the product
  • Emotionally connect with the brand.

All of this contributes to building a trust relationship that leads to a higher likelihood of consumers purchasing the product and returning for future purchases.

The same goes for the post-purchase experience. Unboxing a product for the first time is the moment of truth: well-designed and branded packaging enhances the customer experience and elevates the brand’s value!

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